Condition & Instruction of Uses

Please read carefully before using the watch


** Please keep the watch away from water whenever possible and make sure the crown is screwed in tight to avoid water or moisture entering inside. Also DO NOT wear your watch swimming, showering, spa or sauna. This is to prevent accidental moisture or water from seeping in. We cannot guarantee if your watch is accidental usage results in water or moisture getting into the watch. (We do not cover any water damage even though your watch might be waterproofed. Keep your watch from water at all costs.

** Water-Resistant watches can be exposed to light moisture, such as light splashes of water when hand washing. Please NOTE all replica watches indicated as water-resistant fit only for daily wear uses only (light moisture). The watch is NEVER Suitable for submersion into the water, swimming, shower, sauna, or hot tub. ** If you Need Waterproofed water, Need to contact us for more information before ordering. Some models can be done waterproof and some cannot. ALL Chronographs watches cannot be waterproof! (This is also 100% true with Genuine watches, NOT just replicas)

Important Instruction

Please read all information carefully, especially for AUTOMATIC Watches


* First thing when receiving the watch

Carefully open the package, do not use any sharp tools to cut protection wrappers to avoid any cause of scratches to the surface. If your watch has a screw-tight crown (lock), release it by turning it counterwise until it loses and the crown will pop out released. Wind the watch gently by turning the crown for about 15-20 full turns clockwise. (DO NOT continue winding watch if felt stuck, could be the movement already fully winded). To tighten up the crown, turn the crown clockwise and screw it tight back at the same time. (This only has a screw-tight crown watch).

* How to set up the time  

Unscrew the crown counterwise direction if you have a screw-in crown watch. Gently pull the crown out a little bit. The best way to do this is to use the first and second fingers and use the finger knuckle as a lever in order to pull the crown out with a little force as possible. Once you feel a little "click" you can set the time by turning it counterwise "turning down" and the minute-hour hands will forward until you set the right time. (For AUTOMATIC watch DO NOT adjust the clock backward when you accidentally pass the correct timing.) It would cause unstable for the movement when adjusting the time backward.

* How to set up the date  

To change or adjust the date. Gently pull the crown out softly by using your thumb's nail (too hard will damage the spring). You shall feel a "click". There are two steps when you pull the crown out. The Frist Step is for setting up the date (and if you have a DAY-DATE) turn upward clockwise is to adjust the Date, and turning downward counterwise is to adjust the Day. DO NOT ADJUST the DATE or DAY with the time 10:00 to 3:00. It will damage the internal gears unknowingly if you do that. The best way is manually to adjust the time to 6:00 and then adjust the DATE or DAY.

* Recessed pusher of uses

Some watches have a Recessed Pusher, the use is to adjust the day, date, year or etc. Use a ball-point pen to push the recessed pusher all the way and release fully will make it change accordingly. Repeat the process until you set the right information. DO NOT push halfway or release halfway, it will sometimes cause the gear to change halfway and make it show the wrong information and it might damage other mechanical parts in the watch’s movement.

* How to setup GMT Time

GMT means Dual Time Zone and it usually uses a 24-hour clock instead of a 12-hour. GMT can be set in two time zones. A local minute-hour hand time and a GMT (sometimes red) arrow second-time zone. To adjust the GMT hand, unwind the crown counterwise softly and slowly until it loosens up. There are two steps to pull out the button stem. Do not exert too much force here and please make sure you do it lightly and carefully. Pull one step out is to set GMT and date by winding the button clockwise and counterwise respectively. Pull one more step is for setting local time. Pushing the crown inward one step will bring it back to GMT setting. Pushing it two steps will bring it back to normal position and you can wind it back clockwise while pushing it back softly to secure the crown onto the watch case. Set local time FIRST and then GMT SECOND time zone. When you set local time, GMT time will also be changed at the same time

* Chronographs Movements Valjoux 7750 / 7753 / 7750B1 or 4130 to advoid damge

If you have 7750/7753/B1 or 4130 movements has DATE function, DO NOT ADJUST the date when your time is between 10:00 to 3:00 (adjust the time to 6:00 when changing the dates).

When you are using the chronograph functions, always MAKE SURE that you start the stopwatch, you depress the pusher button on top, and also to STOP the stopwatch, depress the same pusher button. REMEMBER START & STOP is TOP Pusher Button Only after you STOP the stopwatch, then you depress the lower pusher button to RESET the stopwatch function. DO NOT DEPRESS the lower pusher button when the stopwatch function is running. ONLY Depress the lower pusher button after you STOP the chronograph.

Do not activate the Chrono until you have done all these steps as mentioned above. Remember to hand-wind the piece for about maybe 50 rounds, so to generate enough power reserve. Then you shake the piece for 3-4 minutes to generate more power reserve (If necessary) Then pull the crown out to adjust the hour hand manually to determine when is am/pm. See the date change - then you will know when is am/ pm. Make sure you know when is am/ pm before you proceed

* How does Tachymeter works?

Many sports version watches have it either on the rim or bezel. In conjunction with the second hand, it gives the speed of a moving object. A tachymeter takes a value determined in less than a minute and converts it into miles per hour. For example, a wearer could measure the time it takes a car to pass between mile markers on the highway. When the car passes the second marker, the second hand will be pointing to the car's speed in miles per hour on the tachymetric scale.

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If you follow the instructions carefully, your watch will last you a long time. Naturally watches may not last a lifetime since they aren’t made to COSC standards and neither are they SWISS GENEVE made or stamped. Remember a replica is always a replica but do enjoy them as, at a fraction of the cost, these cosmetically perfect replicas are a joy to wear.

Warm reminder: ALWAYS Make sure you don't adjust the date between 10:00 to 3:00 never ever!  Do not ask me why because it just works this way.

Please remember to read all instructions carefully before using your watch. Any questions, please click below to contact us.

Thank you for shopping at ENW Replica. We will provide you with the very best services we can to satisfy your needs.

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